Welcome to Downtown Eyecare

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Due to the recent executive orders by our governor and CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19, we have made the decision to temporarily close our office until further notice. We will still have someone checking our phone messages frequently and our doctors will be available for eye related emergencies. Please call our office and listen for instructions. 906-226-2020 Thank you for your understanding in this time of uncertainty. We hope to be open again on May 1st. We will miss seeing you, but we believe this is the safest choice for you and our employees.

Dr. Webb and Dr. Luplow offer comprehensive eye exams with the latest technology. Our team of opticians work very hard to help you choose eye wear that fits your personality. We feel glasses are not just a medical devise you need...we KNOW they are a part of who you are.
It is our pleasure to be part of the Marquette Community. We feel lucky to be able to support some of the things that make Marquette so wonderful and unique.
So Many Frames, so little time… Not here! Please come and spend as much time as you would like trying on eyeglass frames and sunglasses. Yes, getting new glasses can be fun!